July 8, 2018

Top 94 Reasons to Seize this Opportunity

“Don’t quit.  Suffer now, and live the rest of your life as a champion.”
– Muhammad Ali


by Vesh Thakker, PhD, MBA

Top 33 Reasons to Find a Mentor

Are you counting on the government?  The stock market?


  • Because they already have what you want
  • Because your friends and family have no idea how to get it
  • Because you will never figure it out by yourself
  • Because uncommon results require uncommon wisdom
  • Because your income is the average of your five closest friends
  • Because it’s next to impossible to find someone like that who is willing to invest time in you
  • Because talent does what it can, but genius does what it must.
  • Because if you shoot for the stars, you might land on the moon
  • Because few people in this world have both time and money
  • Because few people in this world live stress-free
  • Because the expertise will die with us if we don’t find hungry people that want to learn it
  • Because the limits are all in your head
  • Because you don’t have a plan for financial freedom
  • Because successful people set aside some time and make long-term investments
  • Because you’re exhausted just trying to survive
  • Because you need hope that there is something better out there
  • Because you can do it in your free time
  • Because all you really need is time. We will we will provide expertise and capital.
  • Because it’s simple to learn but difficult to master
  • Because this group has created more millionaires that anyone but Microsoft
  • Because commonsense is not that common
  • Because wisdom takes years of mistakes to earn
  • Because you can learn from someone who has made many mistakes
  • Because you only need to tolerate small risks and small failures
  • Because you will do whatever it takes to secure your family’s future
  • Because you have no idea how you’re going to pay for college
  • Because you have no idea how you’re going to retire
  • Because you don’t believe the government will take care of you
  • Because you don’t know how long your health will hold up
  • Because if we can do it, you can do it
  • Because you can figure it out with a little bit of guidance
  • Because our system is duplicatable
  • Because what you really want is your time and you want it stress-free

Top 33 Reasons to Buy Your Freedom

Stop being a slave to your paycheck and debt


  • Because you have to get up at a certain time
  • Because you have to spend 8+ hours somewhere that is not your first choice
  • Because you have to live in a certain location, often far away from family
  • Because you don’t control your responsibilities or how a huge chunk of your time is spent
  • Because you need permission to take a vacation, and the time is limited
  • Because you are told how much you will earn and how big your raises will be
  • Because you are being surpassed by people that are less talented than you
  • Because your average co-workers earn about the same amount
  • Because you are “evaluated” like a child, and disrespected for minor slip ups
  • Because you stopped learning at a satisfying rate a long time ago
  • Because your value diminishes as you get older, even as you get wiser
  • Because if you get laid off, you face age discrimination
  • Because you are a slave to your paycheck and the debt you have accumulated
  • Because there is almost nothing left at the end of the month with no hope of it ever really increasing
  • Because you have more debt than liquid assets, and you could lose your home if either of you loses your job
  • Because you need to find another job in the same location, which severely limits your options
  • Because job security is an illusion in today’s world
  • Because the second their revenue drops, they will slash one of their biggest expenses (You)
  • Because if the economy is weak, there may be no openings anywhere else
  • Because two people have to have a job these days to raise a family and make ends meet
  • Because if you are a woman, that means that you have to work and you probably also carry the primary responsibility for cooking, cleaning, and caring for the children.
  • Because you are paid less than your male counterparts for the same work and are not given the same opportunities
  • Because your CEO earns 100 times what you earn, but you work almost as hard to make him (and it is almost always a him) look good
  • Because if you or spouses’ health fails in old age, you are out of luck
  • Because if you outlive your retirement savings, you are once again out of luck
  • Because the government is nearly broke, and the Baby Boomers are retiring in droves
  • Because if investors refuse to lend them money in ever increasing amount for almost no interest, you are SOL.  They are simply postponing the day of reckoning, and it will happen at the worst possible time.  They have an army.  At the end of the day, they will do whatever they have to to survive.
  • Because if the stock bubble bursts for the third time in this short century, even your modest savings goes up in smoke
  • Because automation and outsourcing are ravaging the working class
  • Because you and your friends and family are losing your high paying jobs and having to settle for lower paying ones
  • Because your children are worse off than their parents, and they have to carry a heavier load because of the aging population… even as the middle class gets squeezed and they try to raise their own family.
  • Because you want to make it easier for them instead of harder
  • Because your parents may run out of money or health

Top 20 Reasons to Follow Our System

There is no better way to launch a business


  • Because it has produced more millionaires than anyone but Microsoft
  • Because you only need one customer for one of them, yourself
  • Because you mostly only need to invest time
  • Because we provide the expertise and our partner provides the capital
  • Because the products are amazing.  The heath product is possibly the best product in the history of the world.  For the others, all you have to do is look at the ingredients.  They are organic.  You know what everything is.  There are no chemicals.
  • Because you are better off buying from your store and building your asset
  • Because you and your social network spend a fortune in other people’s stores
  • Because you just have to redirect what you are already spending
  • Because it shows up at your doorstep automatically saving you precious time
  • Because in today’s world, you can cut out all of the middlemen and buy direct from the manufacturer
  • Because we are partnered with Fortune 500 companies you already do business with
  • Because you get to keep the retail margin on your products and you can get substantial discounts from our partners
  • Because the online ecommerce asset that you build will accumulate and continue to pay dividends even if you scale back the time you are investing
  • Because you can do it with as few as six carefully selected people
  • Because there is no upper limit on what you can earn
  • Because you can see results quickly
  • Because you can build a substantial income stream in as little as a year
  • Because you don’t have to quit your job
  • Because you don’t have to sell anything.  You select the people that you want to help.  They are incentived to follow our lead and work hard.
  • Because you can do it together with your spouse

Top 8 Reasons to Join Us

If you want to be a Pro, you need to learn from one.


  • Because of the amazing role models you get to learn from
  • Because we operate real businesses with the highest ethical standards
  • Because of the friends you will make
  • Because of the people you will help
  • Because of the personal growth you will experience
  • Because you will learn how to lead the right way
  • Because we are more about character than credentials
  • Because you want EVERYTHING America has to offer

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“Whatever it takes.
Because I love the adrenaline in my veins.
Because I love how it feels when I break the chains.”
– Imagine Dragons, Whatever it Takes

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